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***Needed*** Generic audio intro for each episode. Contact via email or reddit if interested in helping out. thx!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Episode 8

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Gonna get right to it today. We have a mix from Jep one of our residents.


Hello you wonderful honeybees of /r/trance. Thanks for taking the time to listen to my mix and hopefully reading this without just skipping straight to the track list.
If there is one thing I want those to do listening to my mix is listen to the whole thing and not judge just by looking at the track list. Now I know we all don't have the same tastes but, this is the generally "sound" I like. And this is the point of this podcast. two different DJs per week expressing their sound. So please don't be a Debbie Downer and just enjoy the music!
Track list - I picked these tacks because they sounded like they would go together somewhat nicely. Massive Attack intro is in honor of my favorite TV show: House M.D. ending. Everything else? You be the judge, I won't be mad.


Massive Attack - Teardrop [Tom Fall Reshizzle]
Timur Shafiev - Incredible
The Madison - Chords
Mat Zo ft. Linnea Schossow - The Sky [Club Mix]
Arty ft. Tania Zygar - The Wall
Sequentia - Gone Missing [Nitrous Oxide Remix]
Norin & Rad and Audien - Thrust
Stoneface & Terminal - Leaving Earth
Adam Szabo - Arcade
Maor Levi & Bluestone vs. Tritonal ft Cristina Soto - Still On Our Own [Tritonal Mashup]

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Episode 7

Hope everyone who was taking finals these past couple weeks did well...Sorry for the late update this week, busy with interviews and such. This first episode of the weak features resident DJ Valency. Upon early listen and tracklist, this looks to be awesome! Definitely like the intro as well!


More and more, people are complaining that trance is becoming too soft. This is only true is you aren't looking further than what the big trance radio shows are playing. I've done this mix with the hopes that you'll listen to it with an open mind and perhaps even learn about and enjoy a few underappreciated producers. There's a couple of 'weird' tracks, a few of my favourites, vocals are kept to a minimum, and it's all pretty hard and techy.
I had fun making the silly stereotypical trance radioshow intro and putting on my most Aussie accent to continue to perpetrate false Australian stereotypes.
There's more to trance than Armin and Above & Beyond. Disregard cheese, aquire tech trance.

Direct Download (Right Click Save As)


  1. The Valency - Dumb Intro
  2. Ellez Marinni - Overpass (Original Mix)
  3. Marc Simz - Forbidden City (Tellur Remix)
  4. Tigran Oganezov - G.O.H. (Aqua & Arctic Remix)
  5. John O'Callaghan - Stresstest (Heatbeat vs Kent Gian Remix)
  6. Marcel Woods - Tomorrow (Matthew Nagle Remix)
  7. Norin & Rad vs. Recurve - The Gift (Original Mix)
  8. Wezz Devall - Kill Of The Year (Dave Schiemann MILF Remix)
  9. Neelix - Expect What (Original Mix)
  10. Randy Katana - Back In Time (Original Mix)
  11. Klauss Goulart - No Mans Land (Original Mix)
  12. Ellez Marinni - Line Of Life In Your Heart (Tech-Up Mix)
  13. Organ Donors - Subtle 5ths (Original Mix)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Episode 6

Happy Thursday-almost-Friday trance fans! Today's episode features a mix from our resident DJ soccernamlak:

I can’t believe we are at Episode 6 already!  The mixes so far have been wonderful to listen to as the end of the school year for many came to a close.  I personally have just finished up a full exam week and am ready for the summer! Being at the beach for school definitely inspired my mix for this week (the sunny weather and cool sea breeze didn’t hurt either).  For this week’s second half, we’re going to dive into Balearic and Ibiza influenced trance.  Back in mid 90’s, Nalin & Kane were the names to remember.  In the past few years, it’s been Roger Shah and Magic Island Recordings that have kept those summer months alive.  We start off at the beach with some relaxing tunes from Sunlounger and VillaNaranjos with their 2012 smash hits.  We slowly pick up the beats as we enter the club with San Antonio Harbour’s classic “Romantic Avenue.”  As the sun fades and the moon rises over the waters, the beats increase.  Big Stage Remixes, Mike Foyle, and Rex Mundi rule the air.  And as the sun cracks the star-lit sky, as the club slowly empties out, we’re left soaking in the waves listening to Roger Shah once more.  I hope this kicks off your summer and that you’ve enjoyed a taste of the beach life, one that I’m fortunate enough to experience all summer long. 

Direct Download (Right Click Save As)


  ID (Intro Mix) - soccernamlak
  Try To Be Love (Original Balearic Summer Mix) - Sunlounger & Zara Taylor
  Granadella (Original Mix) - VillaNaranjos                 
  Green Cape Sunset - Nuera           
  Sunset Shores - Project 6                
  Found (Original Mix) - Sunlounger featuring Zara Taylor        
  Romantic Avenue (Sundown Mix) - San Antonio Harbour     
  To The Sky (Instrumental Club Mix) - Roger Shah featuring Chris Jones
  Catwalk (Club Mix) - Sunlounger
  You're So Cool (Roger Shah Big Stage Remix) - Roger Shah       
  Bittersweet Nightshade (Markus Schulz's Return to Coldharbour Remix) - Mike Foyle            
  Sunrise At Ibiza (Drive Mix) - Rex Mundi        
  Mediterranean Flower (Club Mix) - Sunlounger     
  Feels Like Heaven - Sunlounger featuring Zara Taylor
  Who Will Find Me (Original Summer Sunrise Mix) - DJ Shah featuring Adrina Thorpe            

Hope you guys enjoy and like the way this podcast is unfolding. I've been crazy busy, but hopefully I'll have the chance to put some more work into the site soon! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Episode 5

To start this week of episodes off we have a mix from Chicane:

For my mix I wanted to show r/trance, my #1 true love, the mistresses I have on the side. I happen to love progressive house but I also enjoy me some good ol' fashion techno. So to warm up, I decided to play a couple recent techno favorites of mine and progress into a more clubby trance atmosphere. I tried to include most of the familiar coldharbour artists, especially KhoMha who is on fire at the moment, and Beat Service's excellent tune from last year off of the Prague '11 city series compilation album. The mix ends with my favorite track by KhoMha and another bonus track which was a favorite of mine from a few years ago. Btw, I noticed my mix gets progressively worse as you listen. Trying to fit as many songs as I can into an hour + frantically searching for what song I want to play next = sloppiness (excuses, excuses). Also, one of my CDJs is dying :( I needz monies.

Direct Download (Right Click Save As)


  1. Phunk Investigation - DNA Extractor (D-Unity's Rerror Mix)
  2. Sasha Carassi - Hypercombo
  3. Arnej - True Lies
  4. KhoMha - Mind Gamer
  5. Rex Mundi - Shocking Blue
  6. Markus Schulz & Dennis Sheperd - Go!
  7. Aaron Camz - Camshaft
  8. Beat Service - Outsider
  9. Markus Schulz - Digital Madness
  10. Markus Schulz & Jochen Miller - Rotunda
  11. Grube & Hovsepian - Torque (Klauss Goulart Remix)
  12. Omnia & IRA - The Fusion
  13. KhoMha - 507
  14. ;)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Episode 4

We seem to be finding our stride now! This week we heard from k4osth3ory, and now for the second edition of this week we will hear from d3vilalias. Thanks to everyone for subscribing and continuing to listen. I know I'm feeling it, as well as many of the rest of you, but the finals crunch is kicking my ass. No worries, soon it will be over! Here's some more music to help your studying (or whatever you might be up to).


For this week's second episode of All Mixed Up, I decided to upload a mix I made in 2010. While I know I'll get some hate for not playing the newest in trance, in my opinion, this is my favorite trance mix I've mixed. It consists some of my favorite tunes of the 2010 summer. Some Markus Schulz, some BT, some Arty (when he made trance). I have been super bogged down with finals, but even now this mix gets me through studying. I hope it does the same for you guys. I start off with some nice progressive trance from BT and move into a beautiful remix by Arty. From there I slowly crank up the bpm and start mixing in some excellent remixes by Myon & Shane 54. I continue with some Stoneface & Terminal into an awesome track by Jonas Stenberg. I finish things off with a banger from Breakfast (we all remember Remember lol) and the ch00n of the year (2010), She Gave Happiness (Arty Remix). I hope you guys enjoy. Thanks for the opportunity!

Direct Download (Right Click Save As)

1. Emergency (Original Mix) - BT & Andrew Bayer
2. Let The Light Shine (Arty Remix) - Jono Grant & Darren Tate
3. The White Room (Myon & Shane 54 Refill) - Whiteroom
4. Starlight (Store N Forward & Plastic Angel Mix) - FKN vs. Sun Movement feat. Juliette Bertin
5. Not The Same (Original Mix) - Markus Schulz feat. Jennifer Rene
6. Brave (Myon & Shane 54 Monster Mix) - First State feat. Sarah Howells
7. Dreamcatcher (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) - Nitrous Oxide
8. Rendition (Original Mix) - Ferry Corsten pres. Pulse
9. Moment (Original Mix) - Stoneface & Terminal
10. Trademark (Revision Mix) - Jonas Stenberg
11. Remember (Original Mix) - Breakfast
12. She Gave Happiness (Arty Mix) - D-Mad

Enjoy Episode 4, Be sure to send comments and suggestions..and...Subscribe!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Episode 3

Thanks to some graphic design work from soccernamlak, we now have a pretty sweet looking podcast logo!

Resident DJ's please feel free to attach this to your mixes if you like. This will be the logo that is shown when you search for the podcast on iTunes which is now available and can be accessed for subscription purposes here:

This weeks first episode is from /r/trance resident k4osth3ory:

"So for my episode of All Mixed Up with r/Trance, I decided to air my entry for the In Search of Sunrise 10 competition. I have been working on it for almost 4 weeks now going through about 40-50 songs. I was really torn on how to do the intro. I was debating if I should take the best intro for any ISOS series and make it my intro or make an entirely new intro from another song. In the end I decided to take the intro from ISOS 6: Ibiza because I believe it is the best intro combo of all the series. In the end I believe I picked a great representation of all 9 series. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did while I was putting it together."

Direct Download (Right Click Save As)

1) La Hacienda – Es Vedra (0:00)
2) Glenn Morrison – Contact (Original Mix) (2:27)
3) JASEfos ft. Claire Van Der Boom – Do What You Want (Max Graham Afterhours in Montreal Mix) (5:57)
4) SolarStone – Solarcoaster (Original Mix) (10:35)
5) POS – Gravity (Original Mix) (18:14)
6) Super8 & Tab – Helsinki Scorchin’ (Original Mix) (23:14)
7) Technique – Sun is Shining (Mash Up Matt Remix) (30:18)
8) Tiesto – Driving to Heaven (Mat Zo Remix) (36:29)
9) Mekka – Diamondback (Original Mix) (42:46)
10) Cass & Slide – Perception (New Vocal Mix) (48:20)
11) Basic Perspective – Small Step on the Other Side (Original Mix) (56:05)
12) Cressida – 6am (Kyau & Albert Remix) (63:05)
13) Save the Robot – Solace (Original Mix) (68:32)
14) Max Graham – Airtight (Original Mix) (71:53)

Thanks for listening! Be sure to comment and subscribe!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Episode 2

Here we go! Time for Episode 2!
In a bit of a frantic hurry for content to keep the listeners satisfied, I'm providing an extra mix this week in the event that the scheduled DJ may not be able to make it. This will not effect the rotation or anything, I just wanted to keep content going and not let the listeners wonder where their music is lol. (Feel free to let me know if you'd like to send in mixes for "emergencies" such as these).

Website is still brand spanking new, but I was hoping some listeners could send in their comments on what they'd like to be included in the site (art, design, sound, etc.). Please feel free to hit me up and let me know as this is still very much in the design stage.

For today, we have a mix that I submitted to my monthly podcast entitled "Cosmic Pulse." Its definitely on the trancier side of things, but steps towards some "trouse" in the middle, but I maintain the BPM's and the tunes I picked hopefully keep the feeling goin. This mix was put together shortly after I returned from ASOT / Ultra in Miami so there will be quite a few familiar tunes including "Concrete Angel" by Gareth Emery, "J'ai Envie De Toi" by AVB under his Gaia Alias, and of course the "Invasion" anthem by W&W.

I hope you enjoy Episode 2! Keep posted for next week when we highlight: k4osth3ory & d3vilalias!

Direct Download (Right Click Save As)

Track Listing:

Agamemnon Project - Adagio For Strings (Armada Tribe Rebirth Remix)
Bjorn Akesson - Castle Technology
Mark Otten - Hyperfocus (Wezz Devall Remix)
Activa feat. Cat Martin - My Way Out (Reii Remix)
Airwave - Above The Sky (Nick Pilon & Cranium Remix)
Tritonal - Turbine
First State - Reloaded
Michael Woods - Last Day On Earth
Dave Silcox feat. Amy Pearson - This Is Love
Tommy Trash - Cascade
Sean Tyas & Horny Sanchez - Rebox
Yves Larock - We (Instrumental Mix)
Peetu S - Guide Me (Tech Mix)
Paul Oakenfold - Glow In The Dark
W&W - Invasion
Gareth Emery - Concrete Angel
Armin Van Buuren pres. Gaia - J'ai Envie De Toi